One of the leading companies of our country with a volume of 1 billion dollars and approximetly 2000 employees, is active in Iron & Steel, Textile, Retail, Foreign Distribution, Logistics and Automotive sectors.
With 60 years of production and trade experience, The company is continues its production activities are in 5 factories. With 5 factories, 3 of them are in steel sector with 800.000 tons capacity and 2 of them are in textile sector which exports whole production capacity. The total area is 400,000 m2 all which 120.000 m2 in closed area.

On the merchandising side, CHAKRA, which is the most well-known Home Textile brand in retailing in Turkey, will continue its rapid growth with international brand power both in by operating with 45 stores in
Turkey and 14 abroad.

Kocaer Steel subsidiary company MyMetal Limited, has been operating as The Company’s foreign distribution network in the UK and Ireland since 2013, and its activities are growing day by day in other countries.

With the quality assurance of “Kocaer Tekstil” in online retail channels, it provides services with completely domestic production “Jua” and “Towello” branded special textile products.

Our all logistic company Yağız Nakliyat owns and operates one the largest fl eets with 100 vehicle allroad transport to provide first class services to our customers.